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QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement after it was announced that most of the province would be entering Stage 2 reopening on Friday:

“I support a regional approach that responsibly allows different parts of the province to reopen if they are meeting COVID-19 benchmarks.

I want to thank frontline workers and the public who have helped flatten the curve and made Stage 2 reopening possible in large parts of the province.

This is good news for people who want to get their haircut, have lunch on a patio, or take their family to campgrounds and museums – services that have been put on pause for months.

It’s also a huge relief for businesses and municipalities that need to start generating revenue to dig themselves out of the financial hole caused by the pandemic.  

While the Premier is eager to open the doors, he must improve the communication to the public to prevent confusion and mitigate a resurgence of the virus.

We need clear physical distancing and public health guidelines so that people know how they can safely use all of the services and amenities that will be reopening.

And if Stage 2 is to be a success, then the province cannot take its foot of the gas on proactive testing and contact tracing. Protecting people and public health must be our top priority.

Asymptomatic, workplace and random testing, will be crucial in every Ontario community to detect and prevent a return of the virus.”

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