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  • Schreiner to Premier: Step in and fix the chaos

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner made the following statement as hundreds of parents protested the PC autism plan outside of Queen’s Park:

“I stand in solidarity with the parents who are defending their children’s future today. It is shameful that this government continues to stand behind a deeply flawed plan that leaves high-needs children without the services they depend on.

Instead of listening to the chorus of concerns from families at our doorstep today, the Minister’s actions are raising the temperature of this volatile situation. Her talking points are little consolation to families who can no longer afford much needed therapy for their children.

The Premier made an election promise that parents of children with autism would no longer need to protest at Queen’s Park. He should make good on this promise and fix the chaotic situation unravelling before him.

Rather than shrugging off this file as ‘kryptonite,’ the Premier must show leadership and direct the Minister to design a new plan that puts children and families first.”

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