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  • ServiceOntario shutdowns yet another piece of the government’s privatization agenda

GUELPH — MPP for Guelph Mike Schreiner released the following statement in response to news that the Ford government is closing an unspecified number of ServiceOntario locations and instead opening ServiceOntario kiosks inside some Staples Canada stores.

“Here we have yet another example of the government putting backroom deals before everyday Ontarians – not to mention big-box retailers before independent businesses.

In what world does it make sense to go to an office supply chain to renew your drivers’ license or health card?

And why is this government so dead-set on selling off the public services Ontarians rely on every single day?

The Premier has some seriously misplaced priorities. Instead of helping well-connected insiders profit off of public services, why not focus on delivering real solutions to the housing and affordability crises?

Ontarians have had enough of the government’s privatization agenda. They deserve a government that puts them first.”

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