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To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario

WHEREAS young children and adolescents across Ontario are being lured into the sex trade
and being sexually exploited every day.

WHEREAS many youth have no idea what exploitation entails or that they may fall victim to it.

WHEREAS prevention is the best strategy in eradicating human trafficking, education and
awareness is key to prevention.

WHEREAS incorporating mandatory human trafficking education will ensure our province is
doing everything legally possible to protect our precious youth.

WHEREAS our younger generations must be properly informed about true consent, the reality
of sexual exploitation, and the dangers of online predators.

WHEREAS it is the job of the teachers to equip our youth with the knowledge and
understanding needed to protect themselves from being lured into this pervasive modern day
slave trade. Human trafficking is a serious epidemic in Ontario and needs to be addressed now.

We the undersigned, petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to include informed consent,
sexual exploitation, the warning signs of human trafficking, and the dangers of online predators
into the Ontario Sexual Education Curriculum.

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