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  • Six months in, Premier still caught off guard by COVID-19

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement about long wait times for COVID-19 testing:

“I’m worried that the Government could be caught off guard by the surge in demand for COVID-19 tests.

I’m worried because testing and contact tracing are crucial to containing the spread of this virus.

The Premier has played catch-up every time this pandemic has taken a turn, from long-term care to migrant workers.  

The government had all summer to prepare for a second wave, but now they are making excuses.

No one should be waiting in line for 5 hours to get a test.

It’s inexcusable that Ontario’s testing capacity wasn’t ready for the start of the school year.

I’m calling on the Premier to end his campaign-style tour of the province to focus on working with health experts and MPPs from all parties on a plan to prepare for a second wave.”

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