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  • Small business aid package helps, but fails to fix rent issue

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement after the Government announced a small business support package:

“After months of pushing the government to provide PPE support for small businesses, I welcome this announcement.

However, I disagree with the decision to restrict this aid package to very small businesses of nine employees or less.

I urge the Premier to reconsider this arbitrary threshold since there are a number of small businesses with 10 employees who are hurting.  

In addition, the sale of takeout wine, spirits, and beer is a welcome boost to restaurants that are depending on additional sources of income to stay afloat.

But this all fails to address the elephant in the room – a commercial rent relief program that denies small businesses the financial assistance they were promised.

We need the Premier to stop ignoring the number one need of small businesses – rent relief that will actually flow to them.”

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