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QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement regarding the Ontario Small Business Support Grant:

“The government has been pinching pennies when it comes to supporting small businesses during the pandemic.

Their support has been late, slow and not enough.

The government’s Support Grant of $10 – 20k is inadequate for small businesses that have been forced shut for up to 200 days and facing an average debt of $208k.

Many of Ontario’s struggling small businesses are ineligible for the Support Grant and thousands more are still waiting to receive funding.

The Premier has insisted on favouring big box stores over local businesses throughout the pandemic. It’s way overdue for the Premier to level the playing field.

The Support Grant needs to be expanded to reach small business owners across the province who need it most. They’re running out of time. The more we wait, the more businesses we risk losing.”

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