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Mike was at the Drop-in Centre Guelph today where patrons shared their ideas and hopes for a better life. Acutely aware of the challenges faced by those suffering from mental health issues and drug addiction, these constituents offered a host of suggestions such as launching a Tiny House initiative here in Guelph to help the homeless, as well as establishing a larger addiction counselling facility with a focus on transitioning back into society in a more manageable way, thus avoiding the cycle of repetitive behaviour.

Mike listened as patron upon patron explained the hardships in breaking out of a self-destructive pattern. Resources was a primary concern in terms of facilities and continued consistent support. As well, the issue of therapy and companion dogs was raised by several attendees, as many of these patrons have dogs that are not permitted in any shelters adding to the overwhelming emotional stress already present. Mike went from table to table and listened as patrons were fed a hearty spaghetti meal and enjoyed the chance to be heard.

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