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It’s been over a month since the leader of the GPO was sworn in as the MPP for Guelph. Here are some highlights:

The PC government has taken aim at some of the things Greens care about most. Mike has been standing up to protect our planet and demand a real climate plan from Premier Ford.

Watch his first press conference at Queen’s Park, where he read an open letter about the costs of climate inaction to Premier Ford.

Mike has stood up to oppose the government’s anti-business actions that are signalling to the $7 trillion cleantech industry that Ontario is closed for business.

Read some of our statements on climate change:

Ford refuses to be honest about the costs of cancelling climate plans
PC government misleading Ontarians on pollution pricing

Watch Mike’s first question at Queen’s Park

Premier Ford has also started to squeeze the most vulnerable to find his ‘efficiencies.’ Mike has fought back against the cuts to social assistance and the Basic Income Pilot.

Sign the petition to have the Basic Income pilot restored for 4,000 people

Read our statement about Ford’s BIG broken promise

Watch Mike challenge the Minister of Social Services about the cuts

Mike has met with participants in the BIG pilot to understand how their lives were being turned around.




Defending democracy, civility and Guelph

Mike used his Member Statement to support Guelph’s overdose prevention site and urge the Minister of Health to consider proven harm reduction approaches in the opioid crisis

Mike has opposed Ford’s unilateral efforts to meddle in Toronto’s elections and called out the PC government for its dirty tactics to subvert the media.

Read Mike’s statement on Ford’s municipal interference

Read Mike’s response to the PC ‘clap-down’

Mike is pushing back against Ford’s leadership style that puts ideology over evidence.

Mike has urged the government to listen to experts and put facts over politics on sexual health, energy costs and getting at the root of gun violence.









Mike in the media

The media is finally paying attention to the Green Party and our inspiring leader. Here is a sample of Mike at the Mic!

What one MPP can accomplish (article in Maclean’s)

Toronto Star coverage of the carbon tax lawsuit

CBC coverage of the social assistance cuts

CTV coverage of clean energy contract cancellation

ipolitics coverage of cap-and-trade

CityTV coverage of Mike’s swearing-in

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