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  • The government’s ServiceOntario story doesn’t match reality

GUELPH — MPP for Guelph Mike Schreiner released the following statement in response to news that a ServiceOntario operator in Welland had their contract terminated by the government with just 70 days’ notice ahead of the location’s move to a nearby Staples.

“The disrespect with which this government is treating the operators and employees affected by their ServiceOntario scheme is unacceptable.

To be given just 70 days’ notice that the business you’ve operated for 18 years is being handed over to a big box chain is devastating.

My heart goes out to the operator and employees of the Welland ServiceOntario, and anyone else facing the same disrespect from this government.

It’s also troubling that the government is trying to keep affected ServiceOntario employees from speaking publicly about the inner workings of the Staples deal.

If this deal was truly made in the public interest, what is there to hide?

That’s exactly why I asked the Auditor General to conduct a value for money audit into these suspicious location swaps.

The government’s story just isn’t adding up – and Ontarians deserve answers.”

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