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  • The Premier is abandoning Ontarians with prorogation

TORONTO — MPP Mike Schreiner released the following statement in response to news that the government is proroguing the legislature:

“The Premier’s decision to prorogue the Legislature is irresponsible.

Right now Ontarians need leadership. Instead they are stuck with a Premier that is running from accountability and responsibility.

Ontario is facing multiple crises that demand urgent solutions. The fourth wave of COVID-19 is surging, kids are returning to school, the climate emergency is barrelling down on us, and the housing affordability crisis is escalating.

Returning to the Legislature is crucial to put forward solutions to tackle issues important to Ontarians. To push it back by several weeks is inexcusable and a slap in the face to the people of this province.

It’s a concerning trend. When the times are tough and Ontarians need support, the Premier and his government run for the shadows.

Ontarians want action, they want solutions and the Premier’s delay tactics that are seemingly rooted in partisan political considerations are not helpful.

I were never consulted with this decision, and I call on the government to not delay a return of the Legislature.”

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