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  • The Premier is hurting people by shortchanging healthcare, education, and social services

QUEEN’S PARK – Mike Schreiner, released the following statement in response to the FAO’s Economic and Budget Outlook report.

“Today’s FAO report highlights how this government’s budgetary decisions are hurting Ontarians.

At a time when our healthcare system is on the brink of collapse and food banks are struggling with increased demand, the Premier refuses to adequately fund healthcare, education, and social services.

The government’s failure to invest surpluses in better services is an insult to the healthcare and education workers who have been overworked and underpaid for years.

And holding back money in contingency funds when thousands in Ontario are living below the poverty line without adequate housing is just wrong.

Recovering from a global pandemic is not the time for austerity. Ontarians deserve a government that will spend taxpayer money in a responsible way that addresses the root causes of the healthcare, housing and affordability crises.”

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