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  • The Premier leaving parents scrambling as child COVID-19 cases rise

TORONTO — Leader Abhijeet Manay made the following statement in response to the new Science Table modelling and rising cases among children:

“The Premier needs to immediately address the rising COVID-19 case numbers among children.

Today’s Science Table modelling clearly shows that cases in children are increasing — in particular among the 5 – 11 age group that is not yet eligible for vaccines.

Over 16% of schools across the province currently have COVID-19 cases. And today, over half of all new cases in Ontario were among students.

But instead of stepping up and protecting children, the Premier has left it to parents to set up DIY rapid testing programs.

Rapid tests should be available at schools and free for school-aged children at pharmacies. The Premier needs to reinstate the free rapid testing program for students that he cancelled last spring.

Making parents fork over $40 for rapid tests at pharmacies presents an unnecessary barrier that is hampering our efforts to keep kids safe.

The Premier’s back-to-school plan has been messy and confusing.

Parents are anxious about the health and safety of their children. The Premier says that everything is on the table, but then refuses to implement the necessary safety measures to prevent more kids from getting sick.

The Premier needs to immediately step up to keep children safe.”

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