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  • The Premier needs to stop dragging his heels on properly funding eye care

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement regarding the ongoing optometrist situation:

“The Premier needs to immediately commit to properly funding optometrists so kids and seniors can access the eye care they deserve.

It’s now been nearly two months of cancelled appointments because the Premier can’t get his act together.

Two months where millions of kids and seniors as well as Ontarians with diabetes and glaucoma have been stranded without access to vital eye care services.

Access to eye care is more important now than ever. A new report shows that 1,500 Canadians lost vision due to pandemic-related delays in care.

Eye care is health care. And every day that the Premier continues to delay funding puts people’s vision at risk.

Optometrists deserve to have their operating costs funded properly. It’s ridiculous that they are forced to lose over $30 for each OHIP eye exam.

It’s time for the Premier to stop dragging his heels and to cover the operating cost of OHIP eye exams.”

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