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  • The Premier should listen to local voices and cancel Holland Marsh Highway

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner made the following statement in response to a new poll from Lake Simcoe Watch regarding the Holland Marsh Highway (Bradford Bypass):

“The Premier should listen to local voices and cancel the Holland Marsh Highway (Bradford Bypass).

According to a new poll from Lake Simcoe Watch, a plurality of local voters in the region are against the environmentally destructive highway. 48% oppose the project, 23% are undecided, and only 29% support it.

Local voters understand how important it is to protect Lake Simcoe.

The lake is already at severe risk. And the proposed highway would ramp up phosphorous and road salt pollution to Lake Simcoe.

As the climate emergency worsens, we have to do everything possible to protect the water and nature that protects and sustains us.

It’s high time that the Premier listen to local voices, to the environmental and climate warnings, and cancel this ill-advised project.”

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