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  • The Premier’s anything-but-renewables policies will mean higher electricity bills for Ontarians

GUELPH – MPP for Guelph, Mike Schreiner, released the following statement responding to today’s ground-breaking for construction of a small modular reactor (SMR) at the Darlington nuclear site.

“The Premier’s obsessive anything-but-renewables energy policy is setting the people of Ontario up for higher electricity bills and more energy supply chaos.

Touting the planned Darlington SMR as ‘cheaper, easy to add to and mobile’ ignores the fact that SMR technology is still largely unproven and more expensive than existing renewables.

This week, an expert report revealed that Ontario’s new gas generation plants will drive up electricity prices while making it more difficult for the province to reduce its carbon emissions to net zero.

It all contributes to an energy fiasco that began four years ago when the Premier cancelled 750 renewable energy projects and efficiency programs that would have helped people save money by saving energy.

Instead of learning from his mistakes, the Premier continues to reject affordable clean energy options, including low-cost water power from Quebec.

The rest of the world is investing heavily in cheap renewables like wind and solar, while this government struggles to shore up Ontario’s precarious energy supply with expensive SMRs and fossil gas generation.

The Premier’s short-sighted agenda and the resulting mismanagement of Ontario’s electricity system is hurting consumers, the economy and the climate.”

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