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  • The Premier’s climate inaction costs us more

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement in response to reports that members of the government are once again pushing for an end to the federal price on carbon pollution.

“We’re in a climate emergency, yet this government has shown time and time again that they’ll do whatever it takes to sabotage climate solutions from all levels of government.

If the government was truly concerned about saving Ontarians money, they would support the carbon rebate that puts money in people’s pockets.

And they would reverse their cuts to energy efficiency programs that help people save money and their elimination of rebates that make EVs affordable for everyday Ontarians.

If the Premier cared about people’s financial risk, he’d be implementing the solutions we badly need to deal with the escalating costs of the climate crisis – estimated at $26.2 billion this decade just for damage to storm and wastewater infrastructure, transportation and buildings.

And he wouldn’t be wasting billions of taxpayer dollars on super-sprawl highways in the Greenbelt or expensive and polluting fossil gas plants.

If this government really wanted to help Ontario’s economy, they would be making serious investments in the new climate economy – in heat pumps, renewable energy, and building retrofits – that help people save money by saving energy.

Instead, they’re doing what they’ve always done – opposing any action on the climate crisis, at the expense of the people of Ontario.”

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