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  • The Premier’s failure to fairly compensate optometrists leaves kids and seniors out to dry

TORONTO — Mike Schreiner released the following statement in response to the breakdown in negotiations between the government and Ontario Association of Optometrists:

“I call on the Premier and Minister of Health to immediately commit to funding the operating costs for OHIP funded services provided by optometrists.

The sooner the government commits to funding, the sooner optometrists will resume providing OHIP-funded services to children and seniors.

All optometrists are asking is to break even when providing these vital services.

Currently, Ontario provides the lowest reimbursement to optometrists for government-funded services of any province in Canada.

Eye care is health care. This is not the time to allow anyone to end up in the hospital if they don’t need to be there. Especially kids and seniors, who are at particular risk from COVID-19.

This is a long standing issue that the previous government failed to address. And it’s time for the Premier and the Minister of Health to sort out the government’s relationship with optometrists so Ontarians can access the quality and affordable eye care they need and deserve.”

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