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  • The Premier’s hostility to climate action undermines potential of trade talks in D.C.

Mike Schreiner made the following statement regarding the Premier’s visit to Washington D.C. today:

“The Premier could be highlighting Ontario as a climate leader in renewable energy, affordable electric vehicles (EVs), sustainable mining and green retrofits in D.C. today. But unfortunately, the Premier’s hostility to climate action means that’s not the case.

The Premier’s hostility to climate action has hurt Ontario’s economy. The province is missing out on good, green jobs while the Ford government doubles down on gas plants and urban sprawl, scraps renewable energy contracts, goes to court over carbon pricing and snubs cash incentives to make EVs affordable for the average person.

While the Premier has finally woken up to the potential of EV manufacturing after years of pressure, he is late to game. This government’s track record speaks for itself.

Ontario can be a leader in the new climate economy. But it’s going to take a real plan for real climate action, not the Premier’s anti-climate agenda.”

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