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  • The Premier’s licence plate refund election gimmick is even worse than we thought

GUELPH – Mike Schreiner, released the following statement in response to the government’s flawed licence plate refund program.

“Not only did this shameless vote-buying exercise cost the province $2.4 billion dollars, we now learn that a few people made out way better than the majority of people.

The Premier said it was meant to put money back in people’s pockets – the trouble is a lot more money went into the pockets of the wealthy at a time when average folks are struggling to pay the bills.

We now see that one car owner received $38,000, while a total of $32 million was divided up among just 21,000 people for an average of $1,200 each – the equivalent of owning five cars.

I was part of the only party to vote against this election gimmick. That $2.24 billion should have been spent on the things Ontarians really need – keeping our hospital ERs open, better mental health services and an education system that puts students first.”

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