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  • Without paying Early Childhood Educators a fair wage, child care spaces will remain unstaffed

QUEEN’S PARK– Mike Schreiner rose in the legislature to call on the government to provide Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) a fair wage so new child care spaces can be staffed:

“Let’s get real: Ontario will struggle to provide enough child care spaces if there are not enough Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) to care for our children.

There’s already a shortage of ECEs in Ontario due to low wages and poor working conditions.

Care providers deserve fair wages.

Yet the Premier refuses to budge beyond an $18 per hour wage, which ECEs have said is far too low. Meanwhile, Manitoba will pay ECEs $25 per hour, and Yukon will pay $30 per hour.

Families in Ontario have already paid the price for the Premier’s dithering and delay as the last jurisdiction in Canada to sign a child-care deal. Failing to pay ECEs a fair wage will hurt families even more by limiting availability of spaces.

I’m calling on the Premier to support ECEs and the children and families who need them by offering ECEs a fair wage of $25 per hour.

Please find the full recording of Schreiner’s question in the House here: https://youtu.be/R7EKnuQhyKk

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