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  • Premier’s fiscal failures hurting everyday Ontarians

QUEEN’S PARK – MPP for Guelph Mike Schreiner released the following statement in response to the release of the FAO’s Expenditure Monitor 2023-24: Q3.

“For years, we’ve watched this government hoard billions of dollars in their rainy-day contingency fund while withholding from our public-sector workers the wages they were rightfully owed, undermining the services people need.

Now, with Bill 124 dead and gone, the Government has finally been forced into spending those billions of dollars on backpay to healthcare and education workers who should have been earning higher wages all along.

If this government can find those billions of dollars now, what prevented them from just paying our teachers and nurses fairly in the first place?

It’s an utter embarrassment that could have been avoided entirely if it weren’t for this government’s total lack of care for the public services Ontarians rely on daily.

Meanwhile, with our healthcare system crumbling and so many Ontarians struggling to afford basic necessities, this government has already started funnelling billions back into their contingency fund, rather than the services our tax dollars are supposed to fund.

I have news for the Premier. Rainy days are already here. Ontarians desperately need affordability relief – but once again, his government is asleep at the wheel.”

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