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  • Amidst pandemic, Premier still finding time to destroy the environment

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement on Schedule 3 of Bill 257, which was voted through at the legislature today:

“The Premier is ripping up Ontario’s environmental checks and balances by giving his Minister the power to violate Ontario’s planning laws.

This new legislation will allow Ministerial Zoning Orders to fast-track developments that violate the Planning Act, which is a critical environmental safeguard against reckless and dangerous development.

We need to develop in a way that is in harmony with our natural infrastructure — our farmlands, wetlands and greenspaces.

But with this legislation, the government is declaring open season on environmental protections.

Premier Ford’s focus should be on the public health crisis raging through our province, instead of pleasing his deep-pocketed friends.

He needs to remove Schedule 3 from Bill 257, stop this assault on laws that protect people and the places we love, and focus on the health of Ontarians.”

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