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  • April break is another opportunity to make schools safer

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement regarding the safety of schools in Ontario:

“The Premier must use this week’s school break as an opportunity to make schools safer before classes return next week.

That means vaccinating teachers and education staff, reducing class sizes, addressing outstanding ventilation concerns, ensuring schools have adequate and ample PPE, and increasing testing and tracing.

Premier Ford and Minister Lecce need to stop making excuses and learn from the lessons of this past year.

The government keeps insisting that schools are safe. But over 1 in 4 schools across the province have active COVID cases.

Without safe schools, we will continue this constant cycle of opening and closing. It’s frustrating and dangerous for families, teachers and support staff.

Premier, step up and make the proper investments to ensure schools are safe. It can’t wait any longer.”

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