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  • Education workers left scrambling for child care amid lockdown

TORONTO — Mike Schreiner released the following statement regarding education workers:

“As parents and teachers try to navigate virtual learning this week, we’re all reminded of the difficulties of balancing work and child care. 

Education workers like clerical, custodial and maintenance workers are still required to report to work and those who have young children at home this week have been left to scramble for child care.

Once again Premier Ford and Minister Lecce have failed to plan effectively. Education workers should be included as essential workers with access to child care during the lockdown. 

COVID-19 cases remain high in Ontario with hospitals increasingly overwhelmed. While the lockdown and an extended closure of schools is necessary right now, the Government should be supporting families and education workers impacted by the closures. 

I call on the Premier to listen to the pleas of education workers and families, by increasing support to families impacted by school closures, reinstitute paid sick leave, and include education workers as essential workers during the lockdown so they can access child care.”

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