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TORONTO — Mike Schreiner made the following statement regarding the recently announced COVID testing pilot at Toronto Pearson:

“For weeks the Premier stood at the microphone and complained about what he felt was insufficient public safety measures at the airports. Meanwhile, his caucus members were busy planning international vacations. 

Airport and airline workers have been real heroes during the COVID19 pandemic. They were some of the first workers to be exposed during the first wave. 

They have worked hard to make our airports safe for travel and they have also been on the receiving end of job losses. 

So I’m pleased to see that the Government has finally decided to support these workers by investing in free and voluntary COVID testing for international arrivals. 

But this is only one measure among many needed to shift government policy and tackle the alarmingly high COVID cases in Ontario. The Premier needs to recall the Legislature early and work with all parties to determine what more can be done to stop the spread.”

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