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  • Feeling the heat, Premier should cancel Highway 413

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement regarding Highway 413

“The government is feeling the heat on Highway 413, as opposition continues to grow.

The highway is fiscally irresponsible, environmentally destructive, and a planning disaster. It’s no surprise many municipalities have voiced their opposition against it — Mississauga and Brampton most recently.

Spending $6 to $10 billion on a highway that will save commuters only 30 seconds makes no sense, especially during a pandemic where money should go to paid sick days, vaccine plans, support for small businesses and economic recovery.

Thousands of people have spoken out on this issue because they don’t want to have 2,000 acres of prime farmland and 400 acres of the Greenbelt paved over. People don’t want to supercharge 1950s style sprawl at a time when we need farmland to grow food and greenspace to protect us from flooding.

I will continue to bring these voices against Highway 413 to Queen’s Park. And I will continue to lead the effort at Queen’s Park to stop this highway until it is cancelled.”

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