QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement on Ontario’s small businesses:

“Today marks 100 consecutive days of lockdown in Toronto and Peel, where small businesses remain closed.

Sadly, 30% of small business owners across the province worry they will have to close permanently. And the average debt across all small businesses is $208,000.

It’s important to listen to public health guidelines, but small businesses want a level playing field with the big box stores.

And while the Government pats itself on the back for setting up a small business grant, thousands of struggling small business owners across the province are still waiting to receive funding.

Premier Ford says he will do everything he can to help small business owners. He needs to step up now before it’s too late.

The government must provide more:

  • direct financial support for PPE so businesses can operate safely,
  • investments in digital tools to help small businesses compete online,
  • aggressive roll out of rapid testing with money for administering, and
  • public confidence by increasing inspections and fines for non-compliance to enforce strict capacity issues.

I’m calling on Premier Ford to step up and save Ontario’s suffering small businesses. We cannot risk losing our mainstreets.”

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