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TORONTO — Mike Schreiner made the following statement with regards to school reopenings:

“As elementary students prepare to return next week, Ontarians are being left in the dark while Premier Ford and Minister Lecce opt for a wait-and-see approach whether to extend school closures. 

This is unacceptable.

Leading epidemiologists, pediatricians, and the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario are now calling for an extension of school closures. 

And they make a strong case. 

Our youngest students place their trust in adults. We have a duty to ensure that schools are indeed safe. 

I call on Premier Ford and Minister Lecce to extend elementary school closures to January 23rd. And to use this time to reduce class sizes to 15 students per class, expand asymptomatic testing, provide childcare for educators and ensure all schools are equipped with proper ventilation. 

Parents and students need stability. A week-to-week approach is not helpful, neither is a wait-and-see approach. Ontario families need decisive action and leadership.”

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