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QUEEN’S PARK — MPP Mike Schreiner calls on the Government to abandon its judicial review of the Ontario midwives’ hard-earned Human Rights Tribunal (HTRO) pay equity decision.

“My office has received countless emails from people across this province who are appalled that the Government is using valuable tax dollars to fund a judicial review of a landmark Human Rights Tribunal Decision granting pay equity to midwives,” said Schreiner.

Midwifery is a field historically dominated by women that primarily provides services to women. In 2010, an Ontario government report found that the work of midwives was undervalued by 20 per cent. Some experts say it is closer to 48 per cent.

The Human Rights Tribunal agreed and ordered the Ontario Government to compensate Midwives for having earned 20 per cent less than their counterparts in comparable jobs.

“Ontario Midwives effectively reduce hospital stays and free up beds and hospital resources for those who need it most. They contribute a solution to our overburdened healthcare system”, said Schreiner.

“The bottom line is midwives provide a valuable service to women, improve the health care system and save the province money. The government has a moral and legal obligation to pay them equitability. If the Government is serious about using tax dollars effectively, it should use the money it would have spent on this judicial review and pay Ontario Midwives the compensation they deserve.”

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