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QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement regarding the province’s announcement of a plan to build a new mental health and addictions system:

“I’m skeptical of the Premier’s commitment to investing in front-line mental health solutions.

A new mental health strategy is cold comfort to 28,000 kids on a waiting list that has more than doubled under the Premier’s watch.

One of his first moves in office was a $330 million cut to the mental health spending that was being rolled out by the previous government.

Whether it’s education or health care spending, the government’s math can never be trusted because they are always trying to disguise cuts to front-line services.

When they do not want to spend the money to address a crisis, they redesign the org chart to give the appearance of progress. 

It’s what’s happening with hallway healthcare and I’m worried that’s what we’re seeing with mental health too.

I echo the call from Ontario’s leading mental health providers who say that substantial and immediate investment is needed in the upcoming budget.

While I support the creation of a Centre of Excellence, a new system for coordinating services does little good if the front-line services themselves are being underfunded.”

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