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  • Healthcare system needs immediate investment to prevent collapse

GUELPH — Mike Schreiner made the following statement in response to today’s announcement about expanded vaccine availability:

“I am glad that this government is finally expanding booster eligibility, but I am concerned that this government has yet to shore up our healthcare system to prevent collapse.

Our healthcare human resource capacity is at a breaking point.  And while vaccines are our number one tool in the fight against COVID-19, we cannot normalize the closure of emergency departments and leave healthcare workers understaffed facing unbearable working conditions.

To prevent overwhelming our system, I am calling on the government to immediately:

  • Repeal Bill 124 to allow free and fair collective bargaining and give all nurses the raise they deserve
  • Hire more nurses
  • Increase per person healthcare investments to put Ontario in line with other provinces
  • Legislate ten paid sick days for workers
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