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  • Repealing Bill 124 is first step to shore up healthcare system

Guelph –  Mike Schreiner made the following statement in response to government comments on repairing our healthcare system:

“While I am glad this government intends to finally hire more nurses and PSWs, recruitment alone won’t solve the problem.

If this government really cared about repairing our healthcare system they would invest in the people who deliver care by providing for fair bargaining and improving working conditions.

This means immediately repealing Bill 124.

Nurses are burnt out. Stagnant wages, exhaustion, and unbearable conditions are driving nurses out of the profession.

We need urgent action that starts with fair wages and better working conditions.

Nurses are the backbone of a strong public healthcare system. It breaks my heart that many nurses are leaving the profession because they’re not being treated with the basic dignity and respect they deserve.”

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