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  • Housing task force report gives Premier green light on Highway 413 and ignores need for social housing

“Highway 413 cannot be part of Ontario’s solution to the housing crisis.

I support the task force’s recommendations on more density and environmental protections and urge the Premier to adopt these measures.

But even if implemented, these recommendations will be undermined by the Premier’s obsession with new highways like Highway 413. Aligning development with highways will only lead to more unaffordable sprawl, climate pollution and environmental destruction.

And more supply without investments in co-op, social and deeply affordable housing will not solve the housing crisis. We need to build homes for all Ontarians. We can achieve this by making investments to build 100,000 affordable homes and 60,000 permanent supportive housing spaces so everyone can have an affordable place to call home.

To build the connected, affordable and sustainable communities that Ontario needs, I’m calling on the Premier to say no to highways like Highway 413 and to work together with both private sector developers and non-profit housing providers to increase affordable supply.”

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