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  • Schreiner calls for regional transit plan to connect the Grand River Watershed

Many Ontarians in the region, in particular students, the elderly or lower-income individuals, relied on Greyhound to get between communities and cities. And its shutdown exposed the massive transit gaps in the region.

“Affordable and accessible transit is absolutely vital to making our communities more livable, connected and affordable,” Schreiner said. “The Premier thinks the solution to transportation is more highways. He’s wrong. More highways will make life even more expensive and increase climate pollution.”

I will make regional transit in the Grand river watershed and Ontario a reality by:

  • Working with municipalities to implement affordable regional transit between Cambridge, Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo and Brantford
  • Restoring the 50% provincial cost-share for transit operations to help municipalities fund regional transit
  • Reallocating the billions of dollars planned for highways like Highway 413 towards affordable, accessible, electrified transit
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