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  • Library cuts hurt community access to information

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement on cuts to library funding:

“Libraries matter. These cuts are especially disappointing since library funding was frozen 20 years ago.

The government fails to recognize the role libraries play as community meeting hubs, affordable access to information, especially digital resources. 

This is a cruel irony given the government’s plan to require high school students to take 4 mandatory electronic classes.

If you go to libraries today, you’ll see people paying bills online, applying for jobs, taking language classes, or spending a few hours on the Internet because they have no other access.

Libraries are filled with seniors, newcomers, low-income families and people who cannot afford the Internet or who have few other connections to the community.

This is a particular blow to rural and remote communities where broadband access is limited.

However, I’m not surprised the Premier would cut funding to information hubs since most of his decisions put ideology before evidence.”

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