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  • Lift the cover off pandemic meetings, says Schreiner

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement after the Premier’s press conference:

“The Premier lost the privilege of confidentiality when he was caught forging an endorsement of his weak colour-coded COVID plan.

Everyday the Premier stands in front of the cameras and refers to these closed-door conversations that Ontarians are not privy to.

After the smoking gun last week, we can no longer take the Premier at his word.  

The Premier lost our trust when he was caught blatantly ignoring the advice of Public Health Ontario, and the only way to restore trust is to disclose the advice he is getting.

If we are truly in this together, then Ontario’s COVID-19 strategy should not be shrouded in secrecy.

If the Premier wants us to believe that public health is his top priority, then he should have no problem lifting the cover on his pandemic meetings.”

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