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  • Students shouldn’t have to pay for the Premier’s inaction

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement about the possibility of extended school closures:

“We wouldn’t be considering the shutdown of schools if the Premier hadn’t taken his hands off the wheel by putting public health on the backburner.

There was a pathway to managing the second wave and preventing the uncontrollable spread of the virus, but the Premier veered us in the other direction.

Students should not have to pay the price for the Premier’s absence of leadership that has allowed cases to skyrocket.

We must do everything possible to keep kids in school for the sake of their learning, socialization, and mental health.

The Premier should listen to health experts and hire more teachers so that we can cap class sizes at 15 students, in line with health recommendations.

Parents would have to worry much less about COVID-19 transmission if they weren’t sending their kids into jam-packed classrooms.”

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