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  • Mike Schreiner calls for extreme heat preparedness plan

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner calls on the government to implement an extreme heat preparedness plan to protect Ontarians from the health impacts of rising summer temperatures.

“It’s not even June, and already Ontario is forecasting months of above-average temperatures that will leave our most vulnerable community members at risk from extreme heat,” said Mike Schreiner.

“These high temperatures can have dangerous or even deadly consequences for those without reliable access to cooling. The government needs to implement an extreme heat preparedness plan now to protect Ontarians, especially those who are at greatest risk.

“Failing to act now will only worsen the climate risks we’re facing.”

My plan includes ensuring access to cooling in all rental households and congregate settings, increasing access to cooling centres, strengthening protections for workers and bolstering clean back-up power generation and storage.”

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