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  • Minister Fullerton makes the same excuses and ducks responsibility

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement on Long-Term Care facilities:

“Once again Minister Fullerton rose in the House and said, ‘we simply can’t snap our fingers and make it happen,’ when it comes to protecting LTC residents and front-line workers. 

It’s shocking to hear the Government using the same excuse they gave me when I questioned them a few months ago on their delays in hiring more staff, implementing permanent wage increases for PSWs and protecting our most vulnerable populations. 

On top of this, Minister Fullerton spent the morning blaming previous governments and ducking responsibility. The Government has had 2.5 years to take action on LTC facilities. And what have they done?

  • They’ve dropped the ball on inspections;
  • They’ve delayed hiring more staff to care for residents;
  • They’ve spent their time protecting LTC owners from lawsuits while over 2200 LTC patients have died.

Let’s not forget that it took the military intervening during the first wave, before this government moved on protecting LTC residents. 

The Minister is right that the government cannot “snap their fingers,” but this government had all summer to plan for a second wave. And now they are playing catch up. 

Perhaps, the Premier should have spent the summer building the promised iron ring around LTC facilities instead of taking a campaign tour across Ontario.”

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