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  • Support for families but no answers on $11M theft

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement after the Premier’s press conference:

“I support efforts from the government to help parents get through this pandemic.

Families have been facing a lot of extra expenses during the pandemic to help their kids with online learning, while many parents are facing job insecurity. 

But this government expects parents to believe in an online registration system after we’ve just learned that a family of tech workers allegedly stole $11 million from the very fund that is supposed to be helping parents. 

The Government has been radio silent on how this theft happened and how they intend to secure the sensitive information that parents are expected to hand over when applying for support.

Ontarians deserve to know how a family of technicians – all employed by the Ontario government – were able to perpetrate this massive theft.

And people need to know that their application information is secure.”

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