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  • More strong mayors won’t solve the housing crisis

GUELPH — MPP Mike Schreiner made the following statement in response to news that 26 new municipalities will be receiving undemocratic strong mayor powers.

“Let’s be clear. The Premier’s attack on local democracy is not a solution to Ontario’s housing crisis.

It wasn’t when these so-called strong mayor powers were first floated last year, and it isn’t now.

If this government wants to solve the housing crisis, it should try using some of the countless tools at its disposal to increase housing supply without increasing sprawl.

Tools like the ones I have long championed – ending exclusionary zoning so we can actually build homes people can afford in the communities where they want to live.

Strong local governments are built on a diversity of viewpoints that represent the people they serve.

Undermining local democracy takes us in the wrong direction. Concentrating power in the mayor’s office and ushering in minority rule will not solve the housing crisis.”

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