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  • MPP Schreiner and MPP Clancy push to preserve prime Wilmot farmland

WILMOT – Yesterday, MPP Mike Schreiner and MPP Aislinn Clancy joined farmers and community members in Wilmot Township calling on Waterloo Region to preserve the 770 acres of prime farmland between Nafziger Road, Bleams Road and Wilmot Centre Road that are slated to be rezoned for an undisclosed purpose.

“A threat to farmland anywhere is a threat to farmland everywhere,” said Clancy.

“We need to protect our countryside line and put a stop to the destruction of our precious prime farmland. Once it’s gone, it won’t come back.”

“We simply cannot continue to lose 319 acres of farmland every day when only five percent of Ontario’s land is suitable for growing food,” said Schreiner.

“Whatever this project may be, we must find a more suitable location that doesn’t jeopardize our food security and our $50 billion food and farming economy.”

Clancy emphasized that the proposed expropriation is part of a pattern of recent urban boundary expansions that has become commonplace under the government.

“If you talk to anyone involved in planning, they know that there is an unprecedented attack on the way we plan and zone land in this province,” said Clancy.

“We will continue working across party lines to fight back against forced boundary expansions and protect prime farmland for generations to come.”

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