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  • MPP Schreiner and MPP Clancy will keep fighting to stop the 413

QUEEN’S PARK — MPP Schreiner and MPP Clancy released the following statement in response to news that the federal government has signed a memorandum of understanding with Ontario on the proposed Highway 413.

“Despite this disappointing news, we will keep fighting to stop Highway 413 and put forward real housing solutions that protect our farms, forests and wetlands from costly sprawl.

Highway 413 is a sprawl supercharger that will cost Ontarians at least $10 billion and pave over 2,000 acres of prime farmland – all to save commuters a few extra seconds. Once that land is gone, it’s gone for good.

By subsidizing tolls for trucks on Highway 407 instead, the government could reduce congestion today and create $6 billion in savings.

We call on the government to get serious about Ontario’s future, abandon this environmental wrecking ball and start building homes Ontarians can afford in communities they already spend their time in.”

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