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  • Premier’s GO pledge leaves Kitchener behind

QUEEN’S PARK — MPP Aislinn Clancy and MPP Mike Schreiner released the following statement in response to news that the latest GO Transit expansion will not include all-day, two-way service on the Kitchener Line.

“How is it that out of the hundreds of trips being added to the weekly GO schedule, none of them are going to bring relief to residents of Kitchener, Georgetown, Acton and Guelph who have been underserved for years?

The time for all-day, two-way go on the Kitchener line was 10 years ago. Already, the GO buses that run between Kitchener and Bramalea are so popular that they regularly fill up and have to leave people behind on the platform.

Our residents need fast, reliable transit options that get them where they need to go. Reliable transit is a must if we want to unlock the economic potential of the Toronto-Kitchener innovation corridor, reduce gridlock and put an end to soul-crushing commutes.

How many more decades are our communities going to be left waiting?”

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