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  • New report finds Ontario in last place on housing supply

“Ontario is dead last when it comes to per-capita housing supply. We need to change course urgently.

It’s becoming harder and harder for people in Ontario to find an affordable place to live. The housing affordability crisis is hitting Ontarians hard.

It’s hurting them in their wallets, and it’s hurting their health.

If we want to solve the housing crisis, we need to build more homes.

And we can do it in a way that protects nature and the places we love. It’s about creating livable and affordable communities that work for everyone.

But the Premier’s government’s solution is to sprawl out, destroying precious farmland and wetlands and making Ontarians’ lives even less affordable.

My plan for building livable and affordable communities calls for:

  • Building 100,000 affordable rental units and maintaining an affordable housing supply
  • Ending chronic homelessness by building 60,000 permanent supportive housing spaces
  • Restoring 260,000 community housing units
  • Significantly increasing housing supply by expanding zoning options, including allowing for duplexes, triplexes and secondary suites
  • Prezoning for missing middle and mid-rise on transit corridors and main streets to help get projects moving faster and reduce building costs
  • Require minimum densities along transit corridors as part of Ontario’s Growth Plan
  • Add housing to other land uses, for example on top of transit facilities

The Premier doesn’t have a plan to address the housing crisis..

We need real leadership to solve the housing affordability crisis that is only getting worse.

We know what the solutions are. Let’s get to work.”

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