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  • Schreiner calls for immediate financial support for non-profits

In an urgent letter to the Minister of Finance, Schreiner amplified the Ontario Nonprofit Network’s calls for key measures, including:

  • Ensure all supports that are available to small businesses (e.g. Small Business Relief Grant and Ontario Business Costs Rebate Program) include non-profit organizations
  • Create a targeted support program for non-profits in Ontario that have specifically been impacted by closures to support their operating expenses
  • Provide funding for the purchasing of health and safety equipment including PPE and HEPA filters
  • Legislate 10 permanent paid sick days and repeal Bill 124 so nonprofits can recruit and retain the workforce they need to remain open and viable

“Many non-profits have been on the frontlines mitigating the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic,” Schreiner wrote. “And they are suffering from the latest round of pandemic-related restrictions that have not been accompanied by financial support.”

“We can’t risk losing more non-profits. Tens of thousands of non-profits across Ontario provide essential services in housing, education, social services, health and the arts.”

“They deserve the government’s support right now.”

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