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QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement in response to news that Pickering Developments (Squires) Inc. has pledged to not build on Lower Duffins Creek wetland:

“This is more good news for the people, organizations and First Nations working so hard to protect wetlands. And it’s further evidence that Ontarians don’t want their greenspaces ripped up and paved over.

It is a short term victory that Amazon decided not to consider a warehouse on Lower Duffins Creek wetland, that City of Pickering has called for a pause and that the developer has made a voluntary pledge not to pave over this wetland.

But the wetland – and others in Ontario – are still under threat from future developments. We’ve already lost 75% of our wetlands. We can’t afford to lose any more.

The threat will remain until the Premier revokes all the enabling legislation that would allow for destructive developments.

That means repealing Schedule 6 and restoring power to Conservation Authorities, removing Schedule 3 so Ministerial Zoning Orders can’t violate the Ontario Planning Act, and revoking the specific MZO for this site.”

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