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TORONTO — Mike Schreiner released the following statement in response to Ontario Hospital Association’s declaration that the province is now in wave 3 of COVID-19:

“We are now a year into the pandemic and according to the OHA, entering the third wave. Yet we are still battling the same issues we were in the first wave.

The most vulnerable populations have not all been vaccinated, workplace outbreaks remain the norm, and schools are stuck in an endless loop of closing and reopening.

The fact remains that Premier Ford refused to make the necessary investments in paid sick days, adequate PPE, and asymptomatic testing that our health professionals, municipal partners and workers have been saying will help contain the spread of COVID.

He has failed to protect our elderly, immunocompromised, and essential workers with a delayed and confusing vaccine rollout. Today, thousands have been unable to access the booking portal and have been stuck on computers reading “error” messages.

The Premier must put people before ideology and implement an easily accessible sick leave program.”

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