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  • Premier Ford’s budget blind to Ontarians’ reality

QUEEN’S PARK — Mike Schreiner released the following statement in response to the 2021-22 Spring Budget announced today.

“Throughout COVID-19, Premier Ford has been a day late and dollars short in taking action.

And today’s budget drops the ball on getting all Ontarians through COVID safely and fails to lay the foundation for recovery.

This is highlighted by the $4.8 billion cut, $1 billion from COVID education funds, in the next fiscal year as we enter a third wave and deal with the fallout from COVID.

The Premier’s budget fails to provide paid sick days or even paid time off for vulnerable workers to get a vaccine.

It’s clear Premier Ford has failed to learn the essential lessons of the pandemic. This budget denies the multiple crises we are confronting. It is a business as usual budget.

Ontario is facing a mental health crisis, but the government falls far short of its own promised annual allocation for mental health.

After the thousands of deaths in Long-Term Care homes, it is unconscionable that the Premier expects elders and LTC staff to wait four years for four hours of care.

And despite telling people to stay home to stop the spread of COVID, and thousands facing possible evictions, Premier Ford’s budget fails to make the necessary investments in affordable housing.

With this budget, the government missed an opportunity to kickstart economic recovery and climate action with a green building program to create jobs and lower energy costs for people and businesses while reducing climate pollution.

The lack of urgency and awareness in this budget is disappointing and disrespectful.”

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